About us

Omnivea is emerging healthtech and healthcare services provider operating in multiple geographies and markets. Originally started as a web-enabled software product platform that allows healthcare practitioners to leverage digital technologies like the cloud, mobility and social platforms to bring efficiency into the healthcare center processes and enhance the patient experience at the same time. Our technology teams are currently engaged in adopting AI/ML and blockchain technologies into our software applications to further enhance their features and functionality.

Our experience in implementing technology solutions by leveraging global talent and resources has given us the added capability to actually deliver some of the many healthcare related workflows and processes from onsite, onshore, nearshore as well as offshore locations giving our clients tremendous advantages in cost, turn-around times, flexibility and 24x7 support.

Now we can provide our clients both healthtech tools as well as services to manage their clinical processes (consulting and staffing services) and financial and administrative processes like billing, coding, collections and account resolution processes (RCM services)

For more information, please contact: sales@omnivea.com