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Cloud Telephony

Bizkloud offers a full-fledged, interactive communication/telephony platform that includes front end modules for IVR, dialer management and call monitoring/recording as well as backend modules for VPBX, ACD and dialer configuration. Additional features like automated SMS/Email and chat along with integration with your website are also available.

Bizkloud enables consolidated, collaborative communication between all stakeholders of the company, like customers, vendors, distributors, channel partners, management and employees. This comprehensive digital telephony platform is suitable for basic office telephony as well as for running an entire contact center with all call center features such as IVR, PBX, call monitoring, recording, etc. Other features include automatic call back functionality, unique phone numbers, automatic call distribution, automatic call forwarding to your mobile numbers, voice SMS and voice broadcast, etc.


The different modules in this suite and their corresponding features are depicted below:

Cloud Telephony:



  • Office Telephony

  • Unique phone number

  • Automatic Call Forwarding to Mobile

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Voice SMS & Voice

  • Broadcast

  • Virtual receptionist / PBX

  • Predictive /Auto dialer

  • Operational Metrics

  • Customizable KPIs

  • Productivity Reports

  • User reports

  • Analytics

  • Dashboards

  • Automated SMS

  • Automated Email dispatch

  • Chat interaction

  • Integration with website

  • Call Back functionality

  • Inbound & outbound

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