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Bizkloud offers a simple solution for ISPs to effectively and efficiently run their operations while maximizing their revenues, minimizing their costs and ensuring that they deliver phenomenal customer experience.

It is a comprehensive CRM for internet service providers to manage their end to end customer lifecycle from new customer acquisition, feasibility management, internet deployment and provisioning, customer service, technical support, billing, accounts receivable management, delinquent account management and customer satisfaction.

The software platform includes modules for sales CRM, account management, support and ticket management, knowledge management tools, partner/branch collaboration and analytics. There is an optional cloud telephony which can also be selected incase the ISPs want to integrate their call centers with this CRM and leverage the cloud telephony to run their call centers.


A complete solution for ISP's, Franchises and Operators to manage their business effectively and efficiently while maximizing revenues and customer satisfaction.

Features of ISP CRM

The different modules in this suite and their corresponding features are depicted below:

Communication Mgmt:

Customer Support:

Account Management:

  • Cloud Telephony

  • Hosted IVR

  • Voice SMS & voice

  • broadcast

  • ACD / PBX

  • Predictive dialer

  • SMS/Email

  • Trouble Ticket and Case management

  • Interaction History

  • Knowledge Base tool

  • Exception management

  • Automated SMS to Customer & Technician

  • Inbound & outbound

  • Customer Data management

  • Customer Service Management

  • Customer Retention

  • Billing & Account Management

  • Delinquent Accounts

  • Pending Payments

  • Exception management

Collaboration Management:

Sales Acquisition:

  • Operational Metrics

  • Customizable KPIs

  • Integration with other Systems

  • Productivity Reports

  • Analytics & Dashboards

  • New Enquiries

  • Lead management

  • Call back functionality

  • Location Feasibility

  • Order management

  • Order Provisioning

  • Exception management

Benefits of ISP CRM

  • ISPs can gain millions from collecting overdue payments

  • Standardization and Centralization of your processes and dat

  • Follow up with prospect customer

  • Minimize pending Accounts Receivables

  • Monitor Daily collection reports

  • Automate Location Feasibility Analysis

  • Manage Trouble tickets with Knowledge base

  • Maintain customer interaction history

  • Generate Customer Satisfaction Reports

  • Retain more customer

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